Monday, March 23, 2009

The Weekend That Was

While March Madness dominated the sports world for the weekend there was something that I feel was a much bigger story, for me at least, that needs to be discussed.

For as long as he has been in the MLB I have been a fan of Alex Rodriguez.  He is an amazing baseball player and even though he is hated on by everyone and made some questionable choices in the past I have always stuck by him but not any longer.   No longer can I say that A-rod is my boy. 

A series of events has occurred over time and has finally come to a head with the latest pictorial spread in Details magazine where there are pictures of A-rod kissing himself in a full length mirror while wearing a tank top.  

How am I supposed to defend this?  When A-rod yelled "mine" and made that rookie third baseman on the Blue Jays look stupid I argued that he was simply taking advantage of the lack of experience.  When it was discovered he took steroids I argued that everyone in the league took steroids so who cares?  When he cheated on his wife I shrugged it off as a common occurrence with celebrities.  But to this picture what do you say?

The picture is ridiculous and the only way to interpret it is that clearly A-rod is saying he loves himself.  I am ok with loving who you are as a person but when you start making out with a mirror image of yourself I draw the line.  Especially since he looks to be enjoying it waaay too much. 

While on the subject does this man have anyone in his entourage or on his personal staff with any common sense?  Maybe a manager who was at the photo shoot and could have done something to stop this?  How did no one step in and say, "hey A-rod this might not be looked upon favorably by the public."

He is still the best player in baseball and I will never say anything negative about his game, except in the post season where he is terrible, but this ends my fandom.  So people out there who has given me grief before for defending A-rod feel free to gloat as I am admitting that I have been wrong in defending him.

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