Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Poll

Wow.  Lot of opinion and controversy over the latest poll which quickly turned into a 2 man race as E from Entourage aka Ryan's pick was left back in the dust.  Sorry E you banged Sloan but it just wasn't enough.

As for the controversy it occurred when I learned someone had been doctoring votes Charlie Harper and had found a way to vote multiple times on the same computer.  Needless to say that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated and said person has been given the appropriate Ric Flair chop across the chest.

Despite the blatant cheating for the side of Charlie Harper it was not enough as true champion Barney Stinson won.  The universe makes sense again as had Charlie Harper won I feel like many a person would have thrown themselves into oncoming traffic.

Congratulations Barney Stinson you truly are the ideal television character.

New Poll

Since I am no longer an A-rod fan I feel that this new poll seems appropriate for this week.  The question is which A-rod nickname do you like best?  Here are your options:


This name was dubbed on A-rod after his recent steroid scandal.  I feel like its too close to A-rod to be considered and that many announcers this year will actually call him A-roid by accident. That gives it some comedy value but compared to the rest it has a lot of work to do.


This nickname was created after it was discovered that A-rod was having an affair with Madonna.  The name was also used when pictures of A-rod at a Toronto strip club surfaced. Hilarious name but I don't like the fact that it derives from him cheating on his wife.  That stuff doesn't fly in the Sports Informer world.

Mr. May

As you may or may not know the MLB playoffs take place in October while the regular season starts in April.  This name is a cheap shot at A-rod's lack of production in the post-season yet amazing number during the games that many feel "don't count."


This one is pretty obvious.  He poses in magazine with his shirt off all the time.  He has done some pretty effeminate things in the past.  Also people don't like him and in our modern society calling something "gay" still has negative connotations.

These are your options.  Choose wisely.

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