Monday, March 16, 2009

The Weekend That Was

Whoa! What a weekend for sports.  In the same weekend we saw, well not actually because it wasn't televised in Canada, a NCAA basketball game go 6 overtimes and an NFL player hit and kill someone with their car.  Craziness.  Ladies and Gentlemen here are the top stories from the weekend.

NFL Player Kills a Man

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth hit and killed a pedestrian with his Bentley on Saturday morning on a busy causeway linking Miami and Miami Beach, police said.  Stallworth was headed toward the beach when he hit Mario Reyes, 59, around 7 a.m.

The Browns said in a statement they were aware of what happened.

"We understand the seriousness of this situation, but will not have any further comment at this time as this is an ongoing investigation," the team said.

Stallworth signed a seven-year, $35 million contract with the Browns as a free agent before last season but hardly played because he was hurt. He was due a $4.75 million signing bonus Friday.

This is unreal to me for a number of reasons:

1.  Who goes to the beach at 7am?  Unless you are a die hard surfer, which I doubt Stallworth is, then there is no reason.

2.  Apparently he was not drunk or on drugs at the time and was driving alone.  So that rules out being high or getting road head and having your eyes closed.

3.  Could there be a more stereotypical name for a man in Miami.  Mario Reyes?  I didn't even need to hear that this happened in Miami you can just tell.

4.  What one-liner has Haratio Caine got lined up for this case?

NCAA Conference Tourney Games Not on TV

Someone tell me why no major sports network in Canada showed any of the NCAA conference games this weekend?  They had the finals on today and the semis yesterday but I mean over the weekend more than 50 basketball games were played and we saw about 12.

Syracuse and UConn played 6 overtimes. 6! This game was not on television and I have now got to sit here and listen to everyone on ESPN and all these other US networks talk about "the greatest game ever."  This was one of those games you only get every 10 years and I missed it.  I am currently boycotting TSN, Sportsnet, and even my beloved theScore due to this injustice.

Record Breaker

Martin Brodeur tied Patrick Roy's career regular-season mark of 551 wins when the New Jersey netminder led the Devils to a 3-1 victory over the hometown Canadiens on Saturday night.

Under the watchful eye of his father, former Canadiens team photographer Denis Brodeur, who looked on and took pictures from a front-row seat, Brodeur matched the former Montreal goalie he idolized as a child.

Roy, who watched the game from a suite, established the mark during a Hall of Fame career with Montreal and Colorado in which he won the Stanley Cup four times.

''When you do these kinds of things sometimes you don't have a chance to meet the person,'' Brodeur said. ''I got to know the guy, I played with him, I played against him, we had great battles, he took a Stanley Cup away from me ... it showed a lot of class. I really appreciated it.''

The sold-out crowd of 21,273 chanted the name of Montreal's native son when time ran out, and Brodeur's father wiped away a tear.

''To look around and see the guys reacting ... I finally did it,'' Brodeur said. ''The only one I knew where he was sitting was my dad. He had a pretty good seat.''

I can tell you right now 100% that this is a record that will never be broken.  To truly understand how great this is simply consider this.  To earn 550 wins a goalie would need to win 40+ games for 13 years.  This is not even taking into consideration that Brodeur is still winning.  He will more than likely win another 100 games or so by the time he is finished. Truly an amazing accomplishment.

Another Record Falls

The standard for excellence in the NHL has just been set as Chris Osgood made 23 saves for his 49th career shutout, and the Red Wings beat theColumbus Blue Jackets 4-0 on Sunday to become the first team in NHL history to top 100 points in nine straight seasons.

''Obviously, to set an NHL record, it's phenomenal,'' coach Mike Babcock said. ''I've only been part of it for four years, (but I'm) proud of the fact that for four years we've been over the century mark.''

Babcock then went on to single out general manager Ken Holland, the Illitch family that owns the team and several veteran players, noting the patience they've shown to build a perennial powerhouse.

''That's beyond impressive,'' Babcock said. ''When you look at that, I'm proud for those people. For us, we're just trying to get better and get prepared for the playoffs."

The record breaking isn't done yet though folks as...

Yet Another Record..but not as good

On Sunday night the Phoenix Suns put up a season high (across the NBA) 154 points on the Golden State Warriors.  The Suns shot 62% from the field and were running all over the Warriors.  The team looked like the Suns of hold but there was one problem.

The Warriors put up 130 points!  You cannot be successful in the playoffs giving up 130 points.  I don't care who you are you need to play defense.  The Warriors are 23-43 on the season and their best player is Monta Ellis.  You need to stop these guys.  The points are nice but some effort on the defensive end would be appreciated I'm sure.

Important to note is that Shaq only had 4 rebounds in 24 minutes.  How does your starting center only grab 4 boards?

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