Friday, March 6, 2009

No Chance at 100 Million

Last weekend Albert Haynesworth signed a 7 year $100 million contract with the Washington Redskins.  It was the 
first $100-million contract by a defensive player in league history, a contract that could jump to $115 million if he earned some incentives.  Now while many fans look at this contract and marvel at the money they don't understand that Haynesworth will never see half that money.  In reality the contract is only 4 years $48 million.  How is this possible you ask?  Let me clear it up for you.

YearSigning BonusOption BonusSalary
2009$5 million--$6 million
2010--$21 million$3.6 million
*2011----$5.4 million
2012----$7.2 million
Totals: four years, $48.2 million.

Note: The asterisk is for an additional $1 million he could earn in an off season workout bonus before camp.

Now when it comes to year 2013 the Redskins will have what is called a Club Option in which it is the teams decision whether or not they want to keep Haynesworth.  Now if they chose to keep Haynesworth for the 2013 season his salary would $29 million.  No team, not even the Redskins, would be willing to pay a 31 year old Defensive Tackle $29 million for a season.

The reason the contract is structured this way is so that Haynesworth will have another shot at free agency and to also bring media attention to the Redskins as they show their fans that they are serious about winning.  The contract also has other implications.

For one this is a chance for Haynesworth agent to show the Titans how much Haynesworth is worth and to prove it to them that he could get his client $100 million from an NFL team.  It will also help the agent to recruit more players in the future as he can show potential clients that he can get the biggest contracts in the league.

So the chances of Haynesworth seeing that money are the same of me hooking up with Rachel Bilson.  I mean technically it could happen but Bilson, and the Redskins, would have to be desperate.

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Not so random today as this is a tribute to my good friend Jeff Coutu who is moving to Australia to pursue his dreams of becoming a world renowned surfer.  Good luck Jeff.

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