Thursday, March 5, 2009

Please Sit Down

So I was watching basketball highlights on the Score tonight and noticed a trend in the NBA highlights.  It seems now that
every time anyone in the NBA does a slam dunk, hits a big shot, or has a big block the players on the bench feel the need to stand up and jump around going crazy with excitement.  

Now I understand doing this if it is a massive moment in the game because it simply shows that even though you're on the bench you're still into the game.  But some teams were taking advantage.

Now at first this didn't really bother me but eventually it got me to thinking and I realised that this is in a fact a dick move and should be restricted by the league somehow.  Now I know that seems harsh but hear me out anf try and follow my logic.  The average player in the NBA is rough 6'4 and when they stand up and jump they make a wall that the people sitting behind them can't see around.  See where I am going?

The seats directly behind the bench are by far the most expensive and these people who are paying thousands of dollars to sit there are having their view obstructed and can't see the sweet dunks that LeBron James and others are throwing down.  That is not right.

For example if I was sit to go to a Toronto Raptors game and sit behind the bench it would cost me $1830.00 for 1 ticket.  Now if I pay that much to go to a single basketball game shouldn't I get to see the game rather than the back of Jake Voshkul's useless ass?

Now I'm not saying all teams are guilty of this but some teams, like the Cleveland Cavaliers, have taken this a step further and have started standing for minutes at a time.  People are trying to watch the game but can't cause these dusters who never play are standing the whole damn time.

Now a fan can't really say anything at this point for fear of being ejected or worse.  So I think that this falls on the league to try and fix as these people are paying customers and deserve better than this.   

Players need to be told to sit down and not be standing or jumping around and going crazy for the most insignificant of accomplishments.  It takes away from the game for the fans and also takes away from the game as I feel it cheapens it to have these minuscule actions be glorified to this extent.

The only time people on the bench should be going crazy is during the Slam Dunk Contest or at big moments in the playoffs.  The NBA needs to step in and fix this problem immediately before it gets out of hand. 

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