Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Round Thoughts

Cinderella is a Bitch

Seriously Dayton, Wisconsin, Western Kentucky and Cleveland St. can kiss the fattest part of my ass.  My brackets which were looking strong after Friday have now officially been dumped on by these "Cinderellas."  I love the Madness but I am starting to really get tired of that phrase.  How can a team be called Cinderella when they are only making it out of the first round?  You gotta make a run deep into the tourney to be considered a true Cinderella.

The worst part about all this is that collectively these four teams have cost me 5 grand as now I have been officially eliminated from the Facebook 5k Bracket Challenge.  I needed that money to support my Taco Bell addiction.  Now I have to eat at Arby's.  Thanks guys.  

Famous Kids

Turns out that there is some serious star power in this tournament as the sons of Michael Jordan and Master P both played this weekend.  Jeff Jordan the son of Michael Jordan aka the Greatest basketball player ever, a sophomore at Illinois played, 11 minutes against Western Kentucky. He scored 1 point and no doubt cost his team the game.   Way to ruin the family name.

Master P's son, Percy Miller aka Lil Romeo, on the other hand didn't see the court and instead cheered his USC Trojans to victory over the Boston College Eagles.  This proves the theory that if you want to be successful in college basketball never play the child of a celebrity. 

Falling In Love With the 3-Pointer

It has become abundantly clear to me why the pro game is so much better than the amateur game.  In the pros players can create open looks, they can drive to the basket, and there are players who can post-up down low.  In the college game all teams do it jack up 3 balls.

I took a random game that I didn't really watch: Pitt vs East Tennessee State.  In the game Pitt went 7-19 from beyond the arc and East Tennessee State went 4-22.  It's sad really when you watch a team knowing that they can't win because they can't hit 3's but then it makes you happy when you know you picked a team with an inside presence to win it all.  

Seriously once you are 4-18 from 3-point land just stop shooting 3 balls.

He Got Boned

Going into the Madness I had done some research and came across one of the best coaching names out there...Ken Bone.  Ken Bone coaches at Portland State.  In the first round his team was playing Xavier who I thought was over rated.  This almost got be to take Bone and his Vikings but logic won over comedy and in the end I passed on Ken Bone.

Good thing because Ken Bone failed to achieve victory and instead tasted bitter defeat.  Bone will be back however as Portland State is in the lowly Big Sky Conference and should be back next year.

Bone in 2012.  I can see the buttons and bumper stickers now.

Old Man Strength

Gary Wilkinson is a 6'9 240lb forward that plays for the Utah State Men's basketball team who was knocked out of the tournament today after a heart breaking loss to Marquette.  He is also a 26 year old MAN.  That's right this man is 26 and still in college.  How is this is allowed?  I don't know but he clearly uses his old man strength to his advantage.

To put this into perspective he is older than LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmello Anthony, and Chris Bosh.  I guess the NCAA felt bad and let this slide because they knew Utah State would suck but really this just isn't right.

Random Youtube Video (Remember Roller Jam?)

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