Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Poll

So apparently nobody likes Mortal Kombat as not a single vote was cast in favor the the MK franchise.  Street Fighter took it in a cake walk and I am glad as it is not only was a better game but also made for a better movie.  Glad to see it pull through.

The new poll question is going to be "Which character on TV would you rather be?"  The question stems from a debate that occurred on my weekly radio show and got rather heated near the end. We were trying to figure out which character on TV has the best life and who we would want to be if we had to assume the life of a character on TV.

So here are the options:


E or Eric Murphy is a character from the HBO show Entourage.  He is roughly 27 years old and is his best friend Vince's manager.  Vince is a A-list Hollywood actor and E manages his career.

Pros: E gets to live a sweet life as he hangs out with his friends all day in California going to awesome parties and events.  He was banging Sloan who is ridiculously attractive and one of the hottest women on TV.  He doesn't have to worry about money because Vince takes care of him.

Cons: E only has a job because he knows Vince.  If not for Vince then E would still be managing the pizza shop back in New York.  E is not really taken seriously in the "business" because everyone knows he is only around due to his friendship with Vince.  He is also really short topping out at roughly 5'6.

Charlie Harper

Charlie Harper is a character on the show Two and a Half Men.  He is a jingle writer who lives on the beach in California and has his own beach house.  He is a womanizer and gets laid in every episode and only bangs younger women.  Unfortunately his brother is going through a messy divorce and now lives with him.  

Pros:  Charlies is exceedingly wealthy considering his job is real easy.  He writes jingles for companies and works maybe a few hours a week.  He has a sick beach house and drives a Jaguar. He bangs primo broads and has no problem being a womanizer.  He can also drink like a fish as pounds scotch in every episode with ease.

Cons:  His brother and his brother's kid lives with him.  He dresses like a complete tool as he always wears khaki shorts, loafers, and a button up flowy shirt.  His job is a joke because he writes jingles which doesn't count as real music.  He has a maid but she is an overweight bitch who doesn't clean the house but instead makes fun of him all day.  If you were to be Charlie Harper you would be 40 something.

Barney Stinson

Barney Stinson is a character from the show How I Met Your Mother.  He is roughly 30 or 31 and has an undisclosed job at Goliath National Bank.  Like Charlie Harper he cleans up with the women and is known for being a ladies man.  He is played by Neil Patrick Harris who is gay but that is irrelevant in this argument as you assume the life of the character not the actor.

Pros:  Barney scores with women consistently and does so in the most creative and clever ways. He is very funny and takes little bets and challenges very seriously often with humorous results.   He makes little catch phrases and has made saying the word "bro" not gay.  He is very wealthy as he can afford to do whatever he wants whenever he wants.  His apartment is amazing he dresses well always wearing a suit.

Cons:  It appears that Barney only has 4 friends (Robin, Marshall, Ted, and Lilly).  He thinks he is Ted's best friend but really its Marshall.  No one ever really wants to participate in his ideas like laser tag or foxy boxing.   He gets slapped alot by women who don't appreciate his sexual advances and he is secretly in love with Robin who does not return his affection


There are the choices.  I realise there are other great options out there (Frasier Krane, Vincent Chase, Dexter, Jack Bauer, and Avon Barksdale) but these are our 3 choices.  Please choose wisely and as always you will have 1 week to vote.  Democracy shall prevail

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