Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Snake in the Bluegrass

Congratulations John Calipari you are now officially a giant douchebag.  I always thought he was an arrogant jerk but I now know that he is truly nothing more than a selfish and thoughtless person. On Tuesday it became official that Calipari would leave the Memphis Tigers and take the head coaching job at the University of Kentucky.  He will now be the highest paid coach in college basketball signing an 8 year $31.65 million dollar deal with the Wildcats.

Why does this anger me so much you ask?  Well let me tell you.

Reason #1

When Memphis was made a #2 seed in the NCAA tournament this year Calipari bitched and whined to the media about Memphis was an amazing program and they deserved to be discussed amongst the big schools.  His team lost in the Sweet 16 and then he quits on them. Great commitment to your school doucher.  God forbid you stay with a team you so vehemently defend.  What does it say about the school if you bail on them to join a "big name" school like Kentucky.  To me it says that you don't believe in Memphis and everything you said was bullshit.

Reason #2

By leaving Memphis Calipari has ruined that program for years.  Not only is the team left without a head coach, who was great at recruiting, but he is also taking Memphis' top recruit with him.  Freshman Wesley Witherspoon has decided to transfer to Kentucky to be with coach Calipari.  Fellow freshman star Tyreke Evans has also decided to declare for the NBA draft as he was only staying in Memphis to be coached by Calipari.  So now he has single handily taken away Memphis' ability to recruit and has cost them their two best freshman players.

Five-star center DeMarcus Cousins, a late pledge who has not signed an official letter of intent with Memphis, is one of them, as are guards Nolan Dennis and Xavier Henry, who have opt-out clauses in their commitments to Memphis in the event that Calipari is gone.

Reason #3

He is a massive liar.  In a press conference with the team Calipari told them that leaving Memphis was, "the hardest decision of my life."  Was it actually?  His team lost in the Sweet 16 and one week later you bail on them for the Kentucky job.  The whole series of events occurred in under 10 days.  Was is that hard of a decision really?  Seems to me like he jumped all over the opportunity to coach at Kentucky and took the job as soon as possible.

Clearly Calipari was doing what was best for himself by taking this job.  He got offered a lot of money and he is doing what is best for his family.  I am ok with that aspect.  But if that is your logic then just say so.  I hate when coaches or athletes or anyone really puts up a massive front to try and save face.  He is screwing over Memphis and his whole rant about Mid-Majors deserving to be ranked higher in the tournament has been proven to be pure crap as he has jumped ship to the first Major school that offered him a job.

So congratulations Kentucky you have signed the biggest dirtbag coach in all of the NCAA.  May you share many wonderful years together and win plenty of NIT championships.

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