Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Weekend That Was

Angel Cabrera Wins the Masters

On Sunday Angel Cabrera won his first Green Jacket and the most prestigious tournament in golf after making a par putt on the 74th hole to defeat Kenny Perry in a playoff.  Cabrera was in contention all weekend as he was never more than 2 shots behind the leaders and did well to force the playoff.  It was the first time in Masters history that a winner needed to have an interpreter present when conducting the post-victory interview.  

This weekend could have gone very poorly for the PGA due to the lack of big names at the top of the leaderboard going into Sunday.  Luckily however both Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson had an amazing Sunday and made a solid run at the leaders.  Unfortunately they ran out of holes and finished 4 and 3 shots back respectively.  

I personally didn't watch very much of this tournament as a Sunday duel of Kenny Perry, Angel Cabrera, and Chad Campbell doesn't interest me.  I do however know that if you are seriously hungover there is no better cure than lying on the couch watching some Golf.

Home Cooking

With a win over the Boston Celtics on Sunday the Cleveland Cavaliers moved to 39-1 at home. The Cavs are just 1 win away from tying the all time mark held by the 1985-86 Celtics who went 40-1 at home.  This would be an incredible accomplishment winning 40 games at home in this modern NBA as the caliber of opponents has gone up drastically on a yearly basis.

Not to mention that god forbid the Cavs come off a long road trip and decide to just mail it in for one game at home.  It is a long NBA season and some teams need to take nights off.  The Cavs don't see this as being necessary and have taken it upon themselves to let other teams know that when they come to the Quicken Loans Arena that they aren't going to win.

Canucks > Flames

At one point this season the Calgary Flames had a 13 point lead over the Vancouver Canucks in the Northwest division.  However with a 1-0 victory over the Los Angeles Kings on Thursday night the Canucks won the division and relegated the Calgary Flames to the position of choke artists.

Calgary has played like crap lately with just 5 fins in their last 13 they are struggling like Joe Namath in a sideline interview with Suzie Kolber.  Due to their weak play they will be the 4th seed in the Western conference and will be playing the Chicago Blackhawks who while young have the talent to send the Flames packing early.

I guess the C on the front of the Flames jerseys stands for Chokers.

Tragedy in the MLB

22 year old Nick Adenhart of the Los Angeles Angels was tragically killed in a hit and run car crash on Wednesday by a drunk driver.  Earlier that night he had made his MLB debut and had pitched masterfully.  

While this didn't occur over the weekend it still needs to be mentioned as hopefully the death of this young man can help to curb the current trend of drinking and driving.  Let us not forget that less than a month ago Dante Stallworth killed a man while being drunk behind the wheel. Also Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain was arrested for a DUI recently. 

Adenhart wasn't drinking himself nor were the people in his car but it goes to show that when you drink and choose to drive you put other people's lives at risk and no one has the right to do that.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe CGY "choked" during that month without any part of their 2nd line or the ability to recall minor league players to fill those injuries and being unable to dress a full roster. Chokers they are.