Friday, April 24, 2009

Giving Away Money

Last time I checked the United States was supposed to be in a recession.  Maybe Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson doesn't read the newspapers because today he threw a lot of money right down the toilet as if he had a never ending supply.  Richardson and his team gave perennial scrub Jake Delhomme a five-year $42.5 million dollar extension that will ensure Delhomme ends his career as a Carolina Panther.

Now while some may look at this contract and think it isn't outrageous as $8.5 million per season isnt very much for a quarterback I look at the deal and think that Richardson is either a moron or he was recently kicked in the head as hard as I kicked Tristan in the ass tonight.  

Jake Delhomme for all of his publicity is not a good quarterback.  In his six seasons with the Panthers he has thrown for more than 20 touchdowns only twice while cracking double digits in every season except the 2007 season where he played on 3 games due to injury.  He has never thrown for more than 4,000 yards in his career and his 84.7 percent quarterback rating last season was good for 18th in the NFL behind the likes of Shaun Hill and Seneca Wallace.

Also it must be mentioned that this extension comes just over three months after the 34-year-old Delhomme had the worst game of his career, throwing five interceptions and losing a fumble in Carolina's 33-13 loss to Arizona in the NFC divisional playoffs.  Yet for his masterful performance he is rewarded with a new contract while I currently sit unemployed after an all-star performance at Aviva last year.

For some reason Delhomme has the full support of of head coach John Fox and general manager Marty Hurney as both have publicly backed Delhomme after the debacle in the playoffs last year.  I guess they feel like they can't do any better but I mean let the guys contract run out rather than just dumping more money on him.  Maybe these two men never actually watch Delhomme play or have no idea what a talented quarterback looks like I have no idea really.

I know that Delhomme is happy because his agent said so.  "Jake Delhomme is incredibly excited to be able to finish his career in Carolina," his agent, Rick Smith, said. "He felt there was unfinished business at the end of last year."  No wonder he is excited.  He probably realised that after his performance last year he was lucky to get a new deal rather than being released (which is what should have happened).

I don't really hate Jake Delhomme he just pisses me off when he goes out and viciously overthrows a receiver only to come off the field yelling at everyone and everything.  He is known for his temper and "competitive spirit" but in the sports world that is a nice way of saying someone is an asshole.  The worst thing was when I watched an interview with Delhomme last year before the playoffs he was asked what kind of quarterback he was and his response "gun slinger."  Doucher.

The only solace I take from this news is that now I know the Carolina Panthers won't be competitive next year because as long as Jake Delhomme is back there taking snaps and trying to be a Brett Favre wannabe the Panthers will not be making any progress.  Thank god for stupid owners.

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