Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why Nik Antropov Sucks

So I was on my
radio show today and my buddy brought up the fact that the Leafs are trying to trade Antropov.  We went over some possible scenarios and then he informed me GM Brian Burke is looking to get back at least a 1st round pick.  At this point I laughed and said you would have to be an idiot to give up a 1st rounder for Nik Antropov.  Then the debate starts as to whether or not he is good and before we can finish we ran out of time so we cut it short.  So I am taking this opportunity to state my argument as to why Nik Antropov sucks.

Point #1 - He Doesn't Produce Points

Granted he plays on the Maple Leafs and they are hardly an offensive juggernaut but the man can't score.  His best year in the NHL came last year when he put up 56 points (26 goals 30 assists) in 72 games.  His next best season was 2002-2003 season where he put up a mind blowing 45 point all the while playing with Mats Sundin and Alexander Mogilny (who by the way scored 72 and 79 points respectively.)  Simple put he is not a scorer even when he is on the top line with two talented players.  He is currently sitting at 66th in the league in points.  Dude sucks.

Point #2 - He is Slow

No stats for this one but I dare a single Leaf fan to say with a straight face that Nik Antropov isn't a slow skater.  My buddy Steve Poirier used to say he thought he was faster than Nik Antropov and I used to disagree and say no way.  However I have watched more Leaf games recently and have come to the conclusion that Antropov is the slowest player in the NHL.  I think that most of the goalies could outskate this man even wearing their equipment.

Point # 3 - He Can't Win Face-offs

This man plays center in the NHL.  One of the main jobs of a center is to win face-offs.  Nok Antropov currently has a face-off winning percentage of 39.7%.  I tried seeing his rank on NHL.com but it only goes to 86 and the 86th best guy in the NHL at face-offs is James Shepphard of the Minnesota Wild.  Way to help out your team there pal.  Keep this man out of the circle at all costs.

Point #4 - He Can't Play Defense

Big Nik's current +/- rating is a muscular -13.  Now I know all you Leaf fans out there will be quick to point out that the Leafs are rebuilding and its not fair to bring up the +/- but when you actually look at their team they aren't too bad...except Antropov.  He currently boasts the second worst +/- rating ahead of only rookie sensation Luke Schenn who is at -14.  Simply put if you want to get scored on throw Antropov on the ice and watch the other team light the lamp.  

Point #5 - He was a 10th Overall Pick

Antropov was drafted 1oth overall in the 1998 entry draft.  Just wanted to let Leaf fans know some of the players they could have had, all of who are better than Antropov.

Alex Tanguay
Simon Gagne
Scott Gomez
Jonathan Cheechoo
Mike Ribeiro
Shawn Horcoff
Andrei Markov
Pavel Datsyuk

Now I know that no one could have known all these players would have been good but it's just nice to look at what could have bee.

After looking at all this I dare someone to sit there and say he is a good player.  It cannot be done.  What possible defense could you have?  If the Leafs get a 1st round pick for him the Brian Burke is a genius and the hands down best GM in the league.  In contrast the GM that gives up that 1st round pick should be fired on the spot.  

Well I've said my piece Leaf fans. Let's hear your response. 

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