Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jealousy Abounds

Is there a particular reason why every sports writer and broadcaster in North America wants to see
Alex Rodriguez humiliated and embarrassed as much as humanly possible?  Did he sleep with all of their wives or something?  Why is it that all of these men, and women, want to see A-rod absolutely destroyed by the media, his fellow players, baseball itself, and the legal system?  The man tested positive for a banned substance in a CONFIDENTIAL random drug test.  He went on national television and admitted that he took steroids and that he had made a mistake and yet that isn't enough for these people.

During his press conference yesterday A-rod said that what he did was, "immature, stupid, and wrong."  He admitted to taking drugs that he recieved from his cousin and that he injected himself in 6 month cycles for 3 years.  He told everyone what they wanted to hear and instead of people letting the subject rest they rip into him with even more passion.

A myriad of stupid questions were fired in A-rods direction ranging from "what's your cousins name" to "who else on the Rangers took steroids?"  Are these people serious?  He took steroids like 95% of the guys who played baseball in the 90s that doesn't make him a snitch like Jose Canseco.  Is it even relevant what his cousins name is?  A-rod refused to give reporters the name of his cousin and he refused to snitch on former teammates and the media treats him like he is Hitler.  Sorry the man is not a snitch and doesn't sell out his family to try and alleviate blame from himself.  

At this point I feel I need to remind everyone once again that this report where A-rod's name was leaked was supposed to be confidential and that 103 other names are on this list.  I know that A-rod is the biggest name in baseball but once those other 103 names are leaked there better be the same kind of response.  

While we are on the subject of fellow players I couldn't help but notice that there is no shortage of people in the MLB ready to jump at the chance to slam A-rod.  Roy Oswalt said that A-rod is a "cheater and a liar and his records and accomplishments shouldn't count for anything."  Oswalt also said that he feels A-rod, "cheated him out of the game."  A-rod and Oswalt have never been in the same league as A-rod is in the AL and Oswalt in the NL so they meet maybe once a season.  Tell me Roy how did A-rod cheat you out of anything?  The fact you claim A-rod cheated you out of anything shows how big a jackass you really are.

Jamie Moyer also hopped on the Bash A-rod bandwagon and had similar comments to those of Oswalt.  Moyer is a former teammate of Rodriguez and shows no class by bashing this man who already has enough critics in his life.  What happened to baseball being a brotherhood?  I realise you may not like the guy but that doesn't merit you throwing him under the bus just so your name will be mentioned in newspapers.  For gods sakes you just won the World Series, sit back and enjoy it.

I wonder if these two guys actually care about the integrity of baseball or are they just upset A-rod wipes his ass with the money that they make?  Or are they upset that neither of them are relevant names in the game anymore and this is their desperate grab for attention? 

Neither Roy Oswalt or Jamie Moyer is going to make the Baseball Hall of Fame and they know it.  So what do they do?  They climb to the peak of Mount Pious and trash somebody who is a far superior athlete.  I don't see them mentioning A-rod's best seasons in the majors (1999 and 2007 both seasons he was known to be clean and not on roids) because they know that he still dominates them whether on the juice or not.  They are jealous and that is all there is to it.

Jealousy is what is currently driving the MLB and this A-rod story.  Whether it is the players who are jealous of A-rod's money, skill, fame, and records of the reporters who can't stand it that their wives drool for him.  I think that A-rod has done enough for everybody and answered all the questions he needs to.  What he should no now is go back to being the best player in baseball and let all these critics sit on top of Mount Pious and be jealous.


Anonymous said...

A-Rod can go cry into his 250 million dollar contract. It is a tough life. My condolences really do go out to the man.

Anonymous said...

How can you feel sorry for a man who admitted to cheating the major league and cheating his fans, and makes hundreds of millions by doing so? So he admitted it, good for him, that makes it okay? If I kill somebody, but I turn myself in, does that mean I should get away with it? The man cheated thousands of people, and this, in my mind brings into question the legitimacy of his entire career.

JC SportsBlogger said...

your double post shows your true feelings towards