Saturday, February 14, 2009

Vick's Second Chance

So Michael Vick is due to be released from prison in July and may make his return to the NFL in time for the start of the '09-'10 regular season.  After today we know that it won't be with the Atlanta Falcons as they released a statement saying,
 "We feel a trade is the best move for the Falcons, and it's also in the best interest for Michael.  This has been a really unique situation from a variety of standpoints and because we will actively be involved in a trade situation, I don't envision our organization speaking any more about this subject publicly until it's reached a resolution."

Now the Falcons want to trade Vick but everyone knows that won't happen cause who wants to take on his massive salary.  The Falcons will be forced to cut him, take the cap hit, and watch another team sign him.

So now the question is where will Vick go?  After his very public arrest and conviction for dog fighting is the public, and the NFL, ready to give the former star a second chance?  I personally feel that there are some teams out there that can't afford to let Vick slip away.  While he may come with baggage there are 3 reasons why teams who need a quarter back can't let this opportunity slip away.

1:  Vick will come cheap as his time in jail has devalued him as a commodity in the NFL.  Combine that with the current economy and a NFL team should be able to sign the athletic Vick to a relatively inexpensive contract.

2.  Despite all of his issues Vick is still an incredibly talented football player who defenses need to plan for each and every week.  He can run like a running back and has one of the strongest arms in the NFL.  Even after being away from the game for over a year he is still better than 50% of the guys taking snaps in the league right now.

3.  Vick will be looking for redemption after going away to prison in the prime of his career.  He will come out hungry and wanting to show everyone that not only is he a changed man but also that he can still play the game at a high level.

With all of that being said Vick possesses one of the worst public images in America today.  This guy makes Barry Bonds and Arod look like Jesus and Superman.  He was sent to jail for killing and torturing dogs so he is not the most well liked guy walking around.  Still, if your a team that finished 0-16 and is the laughing stock of professional sports what have you got to lose?  Besides the Lions there are other options out there and I'm going to rank them for you (best to worst).

The Cinderella Fit

The San Fransisco 49ers.  The team is in a rebuilding stage as they have a new head coach (Mike Singletary) and have lost faith in their supposed franchise quarterback Alex Smith.  The team has a lot of cap space to work with and has some pieces in place for Vick to throw the ball to, like Vernon Davis.  Coach Singletary is a very religious man and a stern coach with a solid work ethic that has been developing since his days with the Chicago Bears.  I believe that Singletary could take Vick under his wing and help him grow as a human being, and as a football player, resulting in Vick's return to prominence.

Added to this is the fact that Singletary likes to run the ball and Vick's playing style would work well in his system and we seem to have a perfect match.  If this works out it could be life imitating art as Vick would be "out on bail fresh out of jail California Dreamin"

Close but no Cigar

Imagine this.  You are the GM of the first team in NFL history to go 0-16.  All of your quarterback options are just awful.  You have the #1 pick in the draft but every quarterback worth taking would need at least 1 year to develop.  Now right before you put the gun in your mouth to end the misery you see on the news that Michael Vick is going to be released and will need a new team to play for.  Hallelujah!!  

Vick would be a great fit in Detroit as they have plenty of offensive weapons for him to throw to.  Detroit plays in a dome which Vick would be used to coming from Atlanta.  However the most encouraging note would be much like the city of Detroit Vick needs a breath of life put back into him.  Detroit has been depressed for a whole year as the auto industry is in the shitter (pardon my french) and the Lions went 0-16.  Now bring Vick back and people might be excited about the team again.

The only reason Detroit isn't perfect is because of their new head coach, Jim Schwartz.  Not only is Schwartz a defensive style coach but he also has never been a head coach in the NFL before.  Vick is going to need someone to mentor him wherever he goes as his return will no doubt be less than smooth.  Schwartz isn't the guy for the job so Detroit is not the place for Vick.

Everything Works but the Almighty $

Looking once again to the West coast we find another team desperately in need of a new quarterback, the Oakland Raiders.  The Silver and Black have been a joke of a team since Rich Gannon retired and have trotted out a myriad of interception machines to try and plug the leak.

Vick would work well in Oakland as they are a team with few offensive weapons so Vick would seemingly have free reign to do as he pleased in the backfield and could run whenever he wanted.  Also Al Davis might be crazy enough to give Vick a chance.

The one reason why this won't happen is $.  The Raiders signed Jamarcus Russell to that ridiculous contract of six-years worth up to $68 million, with $31.5 million guaranteed.  With that kind of money invested in a quarterback already the Raiders couldn't afford to sign Vick, no matter how cheap he may be.

Outside Chances

Both the Jets and Vikings could use Vick's services as they are both without a good quarterback.  In the case of the Vikings Vick to me seems like a more mature Tavaris Jackson and I don't think the Vikes are ready to give up on Jackson just yet.  As for the Jets well I just don't want them to sign Vick as they are my team and I want them to trade for Matt Cassell and stick it to Bill Belicheat.  Still if that doesn't happen then maybe Vick goes to NYC.

Don't think for a second that Vick won't be back in the NFL as no matter what someone does there are always people out there who want to win bad enough that they will turn to whoever will help them do that.  Vick may have done some terrible things in his life but in our modern society children are taught to give people second chances.  Hey if George Bush can get two kicks at the can why not Vick?

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wych16 said...

No love for my Chiefs? If they don't get Cassell they can certainly use some of that cap room on Vick to replace Croyle, Thigpen and co. Or perhaps they trade LJ for Vick and a pick? Oh ya, Clive Owen sucks, but still a little bit less than Mark Ruffalo...