Monday, February 23, 2009

The Weekend That Was

Burns the Leafs

It turned out better than I could have imagined it.  Mats Sundin's first game back in Toronto since leaving the Leafs in the off-season.  The Leafs were leading 2-1 late in the 3rd but in typical Leaf fashion they choked and gave up a goal to Alex Burrows Safari Planet sending the game to OT. Clearly everyone knew this would solve nothing and a shootout would be needed.  Pavol Demitra scored first for Vancouver making it 1-0 and then after two Leaf misses (obviously) and a Kyle Wellwood miss (once again obviously) it all came down to Sundin.  Now everyone in the building knew he was going backhand (cause he always does) except Vesa Toskala who got burned hard by a dirty backhand.  Sundin returns and puts the nail in the coffin for that game.  As a Canucks fan and a Leaf hater it doesn't get any better than that.  Well unless Sundin had given the home crowd the finger or something or maybe given Toskala the People's Elbow while he was on the ice.  Good work Mats.

Biggest Waste of Time Ever

Now being a sports fan I know one of my favorite days of the year is the NFL Draft.  Its an all around great day as a new crop of players comes in and you sit there hoping your team doesn't blow it.  Now every year before the NFL draft they have what is known as the NFL Combine.  This is an event where prospective players come and participate in drills to showcase their athletic ability.  Events range from the 40 yard dash to bench pressing 225lbs as many times as possible.  Now this sounds somewhat interesting I guess but if you ever sit down and watch this stuff you get bored in roughly 90 seconds.  Now I know there are some hardcores out there who eat this up and if so they had the best weekend ever because the Combine was on for more than 40 hours this weekend.  That's right.  If you played your cards right you could have watched over 40 hours or footballs drills, running, and if you were lucky some jumping.  I realise that this is important to the NFL but I feel like having it on at from 8 in the morning til 4am is a bit ridiculous.

So Much for the Streak

I wrote yesterday that the Suns had returned to their old ways as they had scored at least 140 points in three straight games.  I also pointed out that these 3 wins came against the Thunder and the Clippers (twice) so it didn't really count.  Still it was hard not to buy into the hype.  Amare Stoudamire had to have surgery to repair a detached retina and will miss the remainder of the season.  To make matter worse the Suns first true test under new coach Alvin Gentry was against the Boston Celtics.  Thanks to Rajon Rondo (best young point guard in the league, suck it Jebson) and Ray Allen the Celtics put the beat down on the Suns 126-106.  At least we know the old Suns are back cause once again they aren't playing defense.

Top 25 Teams that Lost

With March Madness only weeks away teams will have to start securing their place in the tourney and for some teams that means getting some impressive wins over ranked opponents.  This weekend a number of ranked teams tasted defeat as #8 Wake Forest lost to #9 Duke and #24 Syracuse lost to #12 Villanova.  Then there were teams like #2 Oklahoma, #3 North Carolina, #20 UCLA, and #25 Dayton who all lost to unranked teams.  These wins will be crucial for these unranked schools down the stretch as they may be the wins they need to get into the tournament.

Spring Training Started

In baseball players from every position have now reported to their camps for the start of Spring Training.  No one really cares cause spring training baseball is boring and useless but at least it means the regular season will be starting sooner rather than later.

Poll Update

In the blog poll Mark Ruffalo is current leading Clive Owen (hack) 8 votes to 6.  The poll is so to once and for all determine who is the better actor.  Clearly there are 8 smart people out there and 6 morons.  3 days left.  Get out and vote.

The Youtube Video

I have started adding Youtube videos at the bottom of posts just becasue I spend a lot of time on Youtube.  Sometimes they are relevant to the post but most of the time they will just be funny videos that I feel people need to see.  Hope you enjoy.

Random Youtube Video (This one is Hilarious):

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So why is it okay to live in Toronto and hate the leafs, but not okay to live in Toronto and hate the raptors?