Monday, October 26, 2009

Worst World Series Ever

The World Series hasn't even begun yet and already I know it will suck. We already knew the Phillies were going to be in it and after their win tonight we know their opponent will be the New York Yankees. The Yankees beat the Angels 5-2 in Game 6 tonight and earned the right to represent the American League in the worlds most uninteresting World Series of the past decade.

Here are the matchups that I would have preferred in order of most interesting to least interesting:

1. Yankees vs Dodgers

This series would have been great for so many reasons. Joe Torre back in New York. The best stroyline for the series would have been the return of Joe Torre to New York after leaving to manage the Dodgers. How would the NY fans react? How would he react? Would his intimate knowledge of the team be the difference? Would have been amazing.

New York versus Los Angeles. These are the two biggest cities in North America and both represent two opposite cultures. It would have been the whole east coast vs west coast thing again like Biggy vs 2pac only with baseball teams. This would have had divided the country as well which would have brought excitement.

Dodgers being formerly from Brooklyn. I watched an HBO documentary once called 'The Ghosts of Flatbush' (if anyone can tell me where to buy this DVD I will be eternally grateful) and learned how much Brooklyn loved the Dodgers. There is history there and I think the old timers would have gotten really into this series for that reason.

The amount of celebrities that would have been at the games. Think of all the famous people that would go to these games. It would be like the Oscars or to a lesser extent the Emmys. Although this wouldn't make the game itself more interesting it would be hilarious to see which B and C listers went to these games to try and get caught on camera. 'Also Jenna Elfman is here in the 4th row with her Dodgers hat on.'

Manny Ramirez versus the Yankees again. Last time Manny was in New York in October he was playing for the Red Sox. It would make Red Sox fans everywhere feel like they were taking part in the World Series and it would be amazing to see him launch bombs against Rivera and Petite again.

2. Angels vs Dodgers

Battle of California. This series would have alienated every fan that didn't live in California but still would have been better than Phillies/Yankees. There would have been fights on the streets of LA and this time not between gang members but instead middle aged white guys wearing "ball caps."

Once again the celebrity factor would play heavily in this series and be entertaining.

The whole playing for Nick Adenhart thing would have been great as well. I loved the fact the Angels kept his jersey up in the dugout and wish they could have advanced just for him. They did a great job either way but would have been nice to see them go all the way.

3. Angels vs Phillies

The only reason this series would have been good would have been the Nick Adenhart tribute. Both teams have already won a World Series this decade so it wouldn't have been breaking a streak or anything.

4. Yanees vs Phillies

Am I interested in seeing the Phillies create a dynasty? Not at all. Does the possibility of watching the Yankees win a World Series excite me? Of course not. This series has two teams I could care less about. The Phillies won last year with basically the same team which I feel lacks character. I guess it would be cool to see Cliff Lee win a World Series but other than that I could care less about the Phillies.

As for the Yankees well I just plain don't like them and I am pretty sure everyone outside New York feels the same way. Having to watch Mark Teixiera win and knowing the Sox missed out on him by just $10 million would be a real kick in the nuts. I also don't want to hear anymore about Mariano Rivera being the greatest closer ever. Him and Derek Jeter are two guys I just hate so I don't want to see them win either.

The only good thing about the Yankees being in the World Series will be the Twitter updates from JackO. His updates are always laden with profanity and he is so pessimistic it is beyond hilarious. Hopefully the series goes 7 with the Yankees losing in the bottom of the 9th just so I can see the tweets.

You can call it sour grapes or whining all you want but after looking at the other potential match ups you have to admit it could have been better.

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Draper004 said...

Completely agree. I will not watch a game this series. I hate the Yankees for their ability to buy a World series. And as a Braves fan, I can't really cheer for the Phillies. So it is a lose lose. The only interested thing is that at the beginning of the season I called a Phillies repeat, so I am curious to find out if I was right.