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NFL Week 6 Thoughts

What Happened to the Jets?

That game against Buffalo on Sunday was one of the worst football games I have ever seen. I watched most of the second half with my Dad and he kept looking at me and saying, "is there no other game on right now?" and "do we really have to watch this?" Eventually he got up and helped my Mom do the dishes. ladies and gentlemen your 2009 New York Jets.

There were so many problems with the team I don't even know where to begin.

Mark Sanchez has gone from poised and accurate to sulky and untrustworthy. He doesn't know how to look off receivers and seems to like spreading the ball around to the defensive backs of opposing teams. I thought the Braylon Edwards trade would help him as Edwards is a tall physical receiver who can go up and get bad passes but so far Sanchez has degressed since his arrival.

The injury to Kris Jenkins is going to be a real killer for this team. Without him in the middle demanding double teams the 3-4 defense won't be as effective. Hopefully Rex Ryan can do something about that because if not the jets are going to have a hard time stopping the run and getting pressure on the quarterback.

Speaking of Rex Ryan I am starting to change my mind on him. His game management skills are piss poor at best as he seems to be in the business of collecting time outs rather than using them. You don't get to take them with you after the game Rex. Plus that "fake" field goal was by far one of the worst plays I have ever seen.

Sidenote here. Rex Ryan's weight is a real concern for me only because fat coaches don't win SuperBowls. Look it up. The fattest guys to win a SuperBowl in the last 20 years are Mike Holmgren and Bill Parcells. The fact Ryan looks like he ate a few children before stepping on the sidelines troubles me greatly as a Jets fan. But maybe he can break the mold. Get it? Break the mold...cause he is fat.

Head Coaches on the Hot Seat

Jim Zorn, Jeff Fisher, Andy Reid, Tom Cable, Eric Mangini, and Dick Jauron are all coaches who will be looking for a new job at the start of the next season.

The coaching carousel in the NFL will probably continue to keep going around because so many teams are struggling right now. Here are my thoughts on each of these coaches:

Zorn - Add another name to the list of failed coaches in Washington since Daniel Snyder has been the owner. Zorn, Joe Gibbs, Steve Spurrier, Norv Turner and Marty Schottenheimer have all failed miserably in DC and have come out of their experience with the Redskins worse off then when they entered. Zorn had no business being a head coach and now will never get a 2nd chance.

Fisher - Hard to believe that a coach who went 13-3 a year ago could be at risk to get fired but it is true. When you lose 59-0 anything can happen. The Titans have looked awful all year and the leagues longest tenured coach is doing nothing to help. They have been weak in every aspect of the game and no one, aside from Chris Johnson, is having a good season. I think Fisher has done an amazing job in Tennessee but the players aren't responding to him anymore so he needs to go.

Reid - Less time wondering what he is going to eat after the game and more time spent preparing might equal more wins. The Eagles started the season strong and looked the a legitimate SuperBowl contender but after Sundays loss to the Raiders I just don't know. It didn't help that Reid tried to make the Raiders out to be a good team either. He has done a great job in Philly but I think that team needs an infusion of life.

Cable - Will probably be in jail at the end of the season rather than on the sidelines. Brutal coach who has no business wearing a headset. If his contract wasn't so massive Al Davis would have kicked him out of Oakland already.

Mangini - Seems to be working for the Jets still as they are the only team the Browns will trade with. He fines players $1300 for a $4 bottle of water. He is a pompous douche who has a superiority complex and thinks his shit doesn't stink because he was in an episode of the Sopranos.

Jauron - If you need proof that Dick Jauron doesn't have a pulse just go back and watch that Bills/Jets game again. When Ryan Lindell missed the field goal at the end of the game he didn't even blink. His passion bucket is empty and he needs to go.

Brady is Back

I guess he just needed a few weeks to get back to his old self. Tom Brady had one of the best games in NFL history on the weekend as he threw 6 touchdowns in the first half including 5 in the second quarter to set an NFL record. It looked like a video game as he was picking apart the Titans secondary like he was playing Madden on rookie with the computer AI all the way down. The craziest part was that he did it all in the snow.

Going into this week people were saying that Brady wasn't the best quarterback in the league anymore and that it was Manning and Brees and Brady was out of the discussion. I still think Manning is the best QB in the NFL but when Tom Brady is on his game it is hard to ignore him.

The Pats are at Tampa Bay next week and then have a bye before their schedule toughens up with games against the Dolphins, then at Indy, followed by a game against the Jets and then at New Orleans. If they make it through that stretch with 2-2 then they can coast from there and should be able to lock up a playoff spot.

A Giant Beat Down

Remember in school when the teacher would ask a question and you put your hand up to answer only to not get picked and find out that your answer was way off. It is a feeling of great relief as you have just been saved from potential embarrassment and the awkwardness of looking like an idiot. Well that was me on Sunday afternoon as I went to play Pro Line and found out I submitted my ticket 4 minutes too late and could no longer bet on the Giants.

Money saved as the Saints showed that they are for real and should be considered the best team in the NFL. New Orleans had six possessions in the first half. Touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, a failed fourth-and-goal plunge from the Giants 1, touchdown. Talk about efficiency. Drew Brees played out of his mind and the defense got pressure on Eli Manning forcing him to make poor throws which led to turnovers.

The Saints proved that they can beat an elite team and that they can win games on the strength of their defense which is what it will take to win in January.

Fantasy Goat of the Week

Michael Turner - 13 carries for 30 yards and 1 touchdown against a Bears team that is so thin at linebacker they called me to suit up for next week. I have the buyers remorse with this guy as so far he has only had one great week. 3rd overall pick my ass.

Quick Thoughts

- I hope Brett Favre gets sacked so hard next week that the horseshoe falls out of his ass. Eventually the Vikings luck will run out. I prefer my team gets lucky and pulls of miracles during games when it matters.

- On Sunday the Eagles became the 1st team NOT to score a touchdown against the Raiders since 2006.

- When your kick/punt returner is your best player you aren't gonna go far. Joshua Cribbs in Cleveland needs a new team like Lindsay Lohan needs panties.

- What are the Bucs waiting for with Josh Freeman? The season is lost why not let the kid get some snaps?

- Offensive Rookie of the Year has to be Michael Oher. Except for one blown play he shut down Jared Allen all game which is something no one has been able to do this season.

- Matt Forte's season is the definition of the sophomore slump. Only 294 yards and 1 touchdown. Ouch!

- After Week 3 I was ready to crown the Baltimore Ravens SuperBowl champs but now they might be lucky to make the playoffs. What happened to the defense? I watched that game on Sunday and they looked weak, slow, and old.

- Chad Ochocinco is The Man. His recent Twitter battle with Jay Cutler was pretty funny and proves once again that he is the most charismatic player in the NFL.

- NFL leader in TD Passes = Matt Schaub?

- Not football related but needs to be mentioned. January Jones on the cover of this months GQ is RIDICULOUS. Haven't seen it yet? Then here:

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