Friday, February 19, 2010

UFC 110 Predictions

Minotauro Nogueira 32-5-1, 1 NC vs Cain Velasquez 7-0-0

Cain Velasquez is a beast. There is no better way to describe him. His thorough domination of Ben Rothwell and Cheick Kongo showed fans that he is for real. It also showed that he has a great chin, amazing cardio and strength for days. I think he will be able to manhandle Big Nog and dictate where the fight will take place.

After losing to Frank Mir Nogueria came back with an impressive win over Randy Couture and proved that his claim of being “sick” when he fought Mir had some validity. Big Nog can take a beating better than anyone in the UFC so he should be able to weather the storm from Cain and wait for an opening to take advantage of while on the ground.

This fight is real hard to call and could go either way.

Prediction: Can via Decision

Wanderlei “Axe Murderer” Silva 32-10-1, 1 NC vs Michael “the Count” Bisping 19-2-0

I HATE Michael Bisbing. He is my least favourite fighter in the UFC so therefore I hope Wanderlei kills him in the ring.

Wanderlei desperately needs a win as he is coming off losses to Rampage and Rich Franklin and hasn’t won a fight since May of 2008. He has the power to put Bisbing away and hopefully he will.

I don’t care what anyone says Michael Bisbing is not a good fighter. His best win is against Denis Kang, who is awful. He has never beaten anyone who is truly great. He beats up on guys like Chris Leben and Jason day. His 8-2 UFC record is inflated thanks to weak opponents. His 2 losses came against top ranked guys like Rashad Evans and Dan Henderson.

I badly want Wanderlie to murder Bisbing but he is just so old. I don’t think he wins this fight in any way other than a knockout. So Bisbing should win but I refuse to pick him to do so.

Prediction: Wanderlei via KO

Joe “Daddy” Stevenson 36-10-0 vs George Sotiropoulos 11-2-0

Steven followed up losses to Kenny Florian and Diego Sanchez with wins over Nate Diaz and Spencer Fisher. In his last 2 fights he is shown real improvement in his wrestling and grappling and is starting to become more well rounded. He definitely has the strength advantage over Sptiropoulos and has better stand up as well.

Sotiropoulos has world class jujitsu and will definitely want to take this fight to the ground. He is on a 4 fight win streak but has never faced anyone nearly as talented as Joe Daddy. I mean his last 2 wins were against Jason Dent and George Roop, not exactly the cream of the crop.

While Sotiropoulos has unreal jujitsu skills I don’t see him being strong enough to handle Stevenson who is one of the more powerful fighters in the divisions. Stevenson has fought submission fighters before and made easy work of them. This fight should go the same way the Natie Diaz fight went.

Prediction: Stevenson via Decision

Keith “the Dean of Mean” Jardine 14-7-1 vs Ryan “Darth” Bader 11-0-0

Keith Jardine remains the biggest mystery in MMA. He has wins in his career over Chuck Liddell, Brandon Vera and Forrest Griffin but has losses to Houston Alexander, and Stephan Bonnar. He only fights good fighters and is never given easy opponents but he has yet to make an impact in the 205lb division.

Since winning the Ultimate Fighter Rayn Bader has gone 3-0 in the UFC but has yet to face anyone I would call “decent.” Jardine will definitely be his hardest fight and should give fans a true impression of how good Bader is.

While Jardine has the power to end the fight quickly I don’t think he will get a chance to use is as Bader should ensure this fight takes place on the ground. Bader has amazing wrestling skills and should be able to handle Jardine, a one dimensional fighter, with ease. That being said Bader may fall into the trap of the stand up and may want to prove to people he is well-rounded.

Prediction: Bader via TKO

Mirko Cro Cop 25-7-2, 1 NC vs Anthony “the Hippo” Perosh 10-5-0

Cro Cop has looked terrible lately having lost 3 of his last 4 fights. He is no longer regarded as an elite heavyweight and definitely seems to be on his way out. Maybe this will be his last fight in the UFC. Hard to believe such a great career has fallen apart so quickly.

Perosh is the definition of a duster. He is 0-2 in the UFC and is a average at best fighter. If he wins it will gain him nothing as defeating Crop Cop these days carries as much prestige as wining Roll Up the Rim at Tim Hortons.

I personally don’t care who wins this fight and the only reason I will watch it is because Cro Cop might have one more head kick left in him.

Prediction: Crop Cop via TKO

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