Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Norv Turner is a Douchebag

Of all the majors sports the NFL has the worst All-Star game. No one watches the Pro Bowl. It sucks. That is a fact. I mean they make stupid rules like no blitzing, must play a 4-3 defense and no Wildcat or 4/5 WR formations. Basically it is a glorified scrimmage. Who wants to watch that?

This year was different though, or at least it was supposed to be.

Going into the game it was being reported that Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals had been practicing his kicking and punting in the hopes that he would be able to kick a field goal or maybe even punt at some point during the Pro Bowl.

Fans were getting excited about this. It is the equivalent to letting an outfielder pitch in the MLB All-Star game or letting Shaq play point guard at the NBA All-Star game. It adds excitement to an otherwise pointless game. I mean who wouldn't wanna see Shaq carrying the ball up court and doing his best Chris Paul impression. That would be hilarious right?

So against my better judgement I ended up watching the whole Pro Bowl. I watched every last minute just hoping to see Ocho try and kick a fieldgoal or pin the NFC deep in their own territory with a sweet punt.

But it never happened and you know why? Because Norv Turner is a douchebag that's why.

Yeah I said it.

With under 1 minute to go and the AFC leading 41-37 Turner calls a timeout. The AFC has the ball at the NFC 18 yard line. Perfect place for Ochco to come in and try a fieldgoal. But what does Turner do? He tells Matt Schaub to take a knee on two consecutive plays to run out the clock.

What the fuck Norv? Instead of making the game somewhat interesting you tell your quarterback to take a knee? Unforgivable. Its not as if the NFC players would be pissed you kicked a fieldgoal or feel like you were running up the score on them. It is the Pro Bowl. No one cares about the Pro Bowl.

If I were NFL commissioner Roger Goodell I would fine Turner 50k for this stunt. Then I would make him publicly apologize to the fans of the NFL and in a press conference give the fans 3 good reasons why Ocho didn't kick. No excuse Norv.

What makes the decision by Norv not to let Ocho kick even more annoying is what happened earlier in the game. In the 2nd quarter Miami Dolphins kicker Dan Carpenter missed a 34 yard field goal with literally 0 pass rush. Once the ball was snapped the defense just stood up and watched as the ball sailed wide right. So Carpenter already got his chance and screwed up, royally. Why not let Ocho try? It's not as if he could do any worse.

Maybe this is a bit too harsh but come on. Nobody likes the Pro Bowl and nobody watches it. The players don't even like being there for the most part so why not make it a little more exciting? This was a huge missed opportunity by the NFL and there is no one to blame except Norv Turner.

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