Monday, September 21, 2009

Why College Football is Great

This is a photo taken after the University of Washington Huskies beat the University of Southern California Trojans 16-13 on Saturday. These two teams aren't massive rivals. I mean they are both in the same conference but that is where it ends. USC is a perennial power house and going into Saturday were ranked #3 in the nation where as Washington is mediocre at best and have been dreadful as of late going 0-12 last year.

This picture and this game is why college football is amazing. I was watching the game on TV and the camera was literally shaking because the stadium was so loud and the people were jumping up and down shaking the stands. That just doesn't happen at an NFL game. People get loud but the stadium never shakes.

Another great thing about college football is rushing the field. This is by far one of the most exciting things to do as a fan. In my first year at university I was lucky enough to watch live as my school team won the national championship. It was an amazing game and when the final whistle blew everyone there rushed the field. It was insane as thousands of people rushed the middle of the field to celebrate with the players and share in their joy as if it wasn't the team that won but the school.

College football also has what I feel are more meaningful games than the NFL. So many times you watch games late in the season and you see guys playing who aren't going to go on and become pros and you realize that this will be their last game of competitive football. These kids played football from the time they were 5 and now it is all over. It turns their last game from just another game on the schedule to their SuperBowl.

This is also true of rivalry games. Ohio State plays 12 games in a season but the game that is most important to them is the game against Michigan. This is a rivalry more intense than any rivalry in the NFL and if you need proof of this just watch the HBO documentary "The Rivalry" and you will understand.

Don't get me wrong I love the NFL and I don't buy into the whole argument that college is better because the players actually care. That is serious BS. The NFL is the best sports league in the world and there is no sport better than football. Nothing compares to an NFL game. I am just saying that college football is amazing.

The picture really says it all.

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Anonymous said...

Just so you know, USC/UW does have quite a bit of rivalry. Historically those two teams have dominated the PAC10, Washington is second only to USC in the PAC10 for Rose Bowl appearances and wins.