Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NFL Week 3 Thoughts

Vinnie Chase and Company Do It Again

Until they lose a game I will continue to lead off these NFL recaps by talking about the Jets. Right now they are 3-0 after their victory over the Titans but they have New Orleans this week who is also 3-0 and will be their biggest test.

It will be a match up of 3-0 teams and will also showcase the best defense in the league against the best offense. It will interesting to see how Rex Ryan shuts down Drew Brees and Pierre Thomas but I am sure he has a way.

Sanchez looked shaky for a long time on Sunday after the 1st quarter and if not for Ryan Moudon making some costly errors the Jets may not have been victorious. Maybe Rex Ryan should send him the game ball for all his hard work out there.

Although Sanchez struggled he is 14 yard touchdown run in the 1st quarter was the stuff legends are made of. If he continues to show that kind of heart and determination he will do great things in the NFL.

How Scary Are the Ravens?

Good lord this is a scary team. The defense is just as dangerous as always and now all of a sudden they have an offense. Joe Flacco looked like Joe Montana on Sunday as he carved up the Browns for 342 yards and 3 TDs.

Now I know this was against Cleveland who looks like they couldn't win games in the CFL but still. The only question I have is can they score points quickly? I know they can score a lot of points but they still seem like the Ravens of old who score through long drives and not huge plays. That may be an issue going forward if they happen to get down early.

Still the Ravens are 3-0 and look to be the team to beat in the AFC. I know I wouldn't want to play them anytime soon.

Role Reversal

Last year the Titans and Panthers won their divisions. Right now they are both 0-3. Last year the Steelers and the Cardinals played in the SuperBowl and right now they are a combined 2-4. What a difference a year makes.

The Titans have had a horrible start to their season going 0-3 but they are by far the best 0-3 team in recent memory. Their losses haven't been catastrophic and they have had a lot of positives. They just need to feed Chris Johnson the ball more and NEVER throw the ball to Nate Washington. By the way Kerry Collins finished the game against the Jets Sunday by throwing 13 straight incompletions.

The Panthers look terrible and Jake Delhomme has seemingly lost any ability to play quarterback. He has thrown 7 interceptions through 3 games and is the reason the Panthers lose. If they want to win they need to do what works for them aka RUN THE BALL.

Love watching the Steelers lose and as for the Cardinals they should do alright this season as long as their O-line can keep the pressure of Kurt Warner.

Damn You Brett Favre

As if that happened on Sunday. Why couldn't he just throw an interception or an incompletion and just lose the game. Now I have to go a whole week hearing about how amazing Brett Favre is and how he has the "magic." Don't get me wrong it was a great drive, great throw, and an unreal catch but still I wish it hadn't happened.

I contend that the 49ers are to blame for this. What was Mike Singletary thinking playing the prevent defense and allowing the Vikings to march down the field like that? I don't understand how a team can go 58 minutes playing a certain defensive style that is clearly working and then all of a sudden change it up and play soft coverage. All the prevent defense does is prevent you from winning. You cannot allow the offense to get chunks of yards like that and get out of bounds.

That is why I have loved watching the Jets this season. Late in the game when it is close they bring pressure and don't let up. Thank God for Rex Ryan. Find it hard to believe a defensive specialist like Singletary would play the prevent.

The Lions Win?

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the Detroit Lions finally won a football game. The win ended a 19 game losing streak that dates back to 2008. Glad that the team finally won and now they can move forward.

Also love that after the win the team met in the locker room for their post game talk and immediately went back onto the field to thank their fans for supporting them through their terrible season. Thought that was a nice touch by Jim Schwartz and the team. Also need to point out that I called this as it seems like the Redskins quit on Jim Zorn at the beginning of the season.

Quick Thoughts

- How ugly were those Seahawk jerseys on Sunday? They looked like they were designed by a blind person who went blind from looking at that bright ass green.

- Remember when Denver wanted to run Josh McDaniels out of town? Now he is 3-0 and looks like a genius. The man is a winner, period.

- Jake Delhomme and Tony Romo both idolized Brett Favre growing up and both are referred to as "gun slingers." That is NFL code for interception machines. If you want to idolize a quarterback pick someone good.

- Terrell Owens career is officially over. I am calling it right now. If he gets 10 touchdowns this season I will donate $500 to charity.

- The 49ers are for real but if Frank Gore is out for an extended period of time they will struggle.

- This one is for Jeff Hamilton: The Bengals look like a potential playoff team as long as Carson Palmer is healthy and Cedric Benson can maintain his current pace. The fact that they play physical defense now doesn't hurt either.

- Michael Vick hates his new role no matter what he says. He was useless out there on Sunday against the Chiefs and will certainly want a larger role going forward, especially if Donovan Mcnabb stays on the injured list.

- Joey Galloway is washed up and is single handily killing the Patriots offense.


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