Friday, January 1, 2010

Cheer Nation Conest = Free Stuff For You

So if you read the blog often you know that I have been pumping the tires on Pepsi's Cheer Nation contest. The cheer that won was, "Eh! Oh! Canada Go!" which isn't too bad and seems to be catching on quickly at the World Junior tournament.

Speaking of the WJC how epic was that game last night between the USA and Canada? Could not have asked for a better hockey game to cap off 2009.

The game last night gave me a great idea for a contest that I will be running. It is simple. In the comments section of this post simply write your favorite Hockey Canada moment. It doesn't have the be about the World Juniors it can be about any international hockey team that represented Canada.

Whoever writes the best story will win a prize pack from Pepsi and Cheer Nation. Here is a picture of some of the great stuff you can win:

The contest will start today and will run until January 7th. So you have 1 week to think of your best story and post it on the site. If you don't wanna post a story you can also email me your submission at

I look forward to reading your stories and being able to finally give something back to the people that read this blog, other than copious amounts of sports knowledge.

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Draper004 said...

a) That cheer is retarded, and is very similar to "Hey ho, let's go!". Very creative cheer nation

b)Stop being a slave to the man.

That is all.

Wych said...

My favourite Hockey Canada moment is when I heard "Let's go Canada, let's go!" today instead of that shitty Pepsi cheer.