Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lay Off Tiger

"A man is only as faithful as his options" - Chris Rock

Obviously this quote by Rock is taking things a little far but basically it's the truth. People try and act like marriage is supposed to be this sacred vow between a man and a woman but divorce rates are at an all-time high and everywhere you look people are cheating on their spouses or significant others. Shit I have friends who have cheated on their boyfriend/girlfriend and act as if it is nothing.

The world has changed and people need to realize this. Is it sad that thing have digressed to this? Of course but only a naive idiot would sit back and think that all of these celebrities and athletes don't act like the rest of us. They make mistakes just like everyone else the only difference is when we mess up it is usually private whereas when they mess up everybody in the world finds out.

I find the whole situation very pathetic. When I first saw that Woods had been in a car accident I was interested but ever since the story has developed into an episode of the OC I have lost a lot of interest. The only thing that keeps me interested is my anger towards the general public who feel as though they have a right to know every detail about what is happening with Woods and his family.

There are too many people out there who don’t lead interesting lives and are forced to live vicariously through the lives of the rich and the famous. These are the same people that read the National Inquirer and visit (yeah I am calling you out Joe Buck). The whole situation concerns only Tiger and his family.

As if the reaction of the general public wasn’t bad enough there are sports writers out there that have turned the incident into some sort of death sentence for Woods’ career. Here are a couple of morons who feel they are entitled to something from Woods:

Mike Paul of ESPN, “Tiger need to publicly apologize to America.”

Why does Tiger need to apologize to America? He didn’t do anything to America. The only person Woods needs to apologize to are his wife and kids. This quote is more proof of why I don’t go to ESPN for columns other than Bill Simmons.

Jay Mariotti of, “The public deserves to hear exactly what happened in the wee hours of Thanksgiving night outside Woods’ mansion.”

The public deserves to know. Why do we deserve anything from Tiger? He is a professional golfer not the President Woods owes nothing to the American people and he especially doesn’t owe anything Jay Mariotti. The only thing Mariotti deserves is a kick in the nuts and the ‘mute’ button.

"No matter how many more major titles he wins or how many records he breaks, we will never look at Tiger Woods in quite the same way after this year." Gary Van Sickle of

How can someone that makes a career from covering golf write something like this? So the fact that he cheated on his wife cancels out all his records and accomplishments? The man is still the best golfer on the planet and by far the most dominant athlete on the planet. If you can't see that because you are too focused on the fact he committed adultery then get a new job. One irrelevant act shouldn't override a whole career. That is like saying you could never look at Hitler the same way again if he had saved a drowning child. Does the one fact of kindness erase the fact he is the most evil man of the 20th century? (Kind of a crazy comparison but I think it works).

Out of this entire situation Tiger has done the right thing. He has kept quiet and tried to keep the matter contained within his family. Today he held a press conference, probably begrudgingly, and said the exact right phrase, “I have let my family down.” Notice he didn’t say that he let America down. Woods knows this whole situation is about his family and no one else.

Good for him.

Eventually some other famous person will do something stupid or say something offensive and this whole Tiger situation will blow over. I mean people stopped talking about Michael Jackson’s death after 4 weeks and that was a way bigger deal than this. Once Tiger goes out and wins a tournament all will be forgotten and those sportswriters who demanded an apology or wrote that Tigers’ legacy would be tarnished will have to look back at their columns with shame and embarrassment.

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