Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No Love for CB4

A few months back a story came out that Chris Bosh had not been paying his child support to a woman who he had impregnated and conceived a child with. Bosh, who makes millions of dollars a year, felt that this woman didn't deserve his financial support and refused to pay. Now I didn't write anything about this because Bosh is a Raptor and the Sports Informer is all about favoritism and bias. The man plays for my team so I refrain from bashing him.

Well Baby J had told me numerous times that I needed to write about the situation and out Bosh as a crappy dad and a cheap ass. I told him the second Bosh left the Raptors I would do it. Now Bosh hasn't left the Raptors...yet but I am still writing this because I am fed up with his shitty attitude and how much hype surrounds him.

So the main action that triggered this rant of a post was Bosh's twitter updates. I follow Chris Bosh on twitter along with over 100 other athletes in all major sports. 99% of the guys who update their twitter talk about how they are working in the off-season and how they are getting prepared for next year. What does Chris Bosh talk about? Xbox and Music.

The man is obsessed with Xbox and trying to "lay down tracks" with seemingly every star player in the NBA. Now I know this may seem stupid because maybe he just doesn't talk about going to the gym but at some point he needs to think. He has 40,000 followers, obviously some are Raptors fans, and yet no updates on the team or his thoughts on next season.

Now he did get excited when Hedo got signed in Toronto but that lasted for all of about 4 minutes then he got back to his Xbox talk.

This bothers me so much because as a fan of the Raptors I like to think that each year they are going to be good and be competitive. What I don't want to think is that the star player of my team cares more about his fucking Halo 3 rank than he does winning games.

Just to show you I am not lying click this link and it will take you to his twitter page where you can see his updates: http://twitter.com/chrisbosh. Here are a few of my favorite ones:

"Headed to TO for the weekend. I hope the city is ready to have a good time!"

"@KevinDurant35 Let's play 2k9 DM me your xbox live name, we should setup a live stream and let the people watch! lol"

"About to get on the xbox360 tonight..xbox live name XBOSHLIVE ! Let's go halo 3 time!"

Now I don't just hate him because he comes off as lazy, believe me there are many more reasons. The main one being that he is constantly lumped in with Wade, LeBron, and Carmello. Now I realise that this is because they all came into the league at the same time together but something needs to be pointed out. Those 3 guys win.

Of the 4 of them Bosh is the only one to not make it out of the 1st round of the playoffs. In fact Bosh is 3-8 in his career in the playoffs. Wade won an NBA title as the best player on a team. LeBron is the 2nd best player in the NBA, Kobe is better deal with it, and Mello led his Nuggets to the Western Conference Finals this year as the best player and showed serious improvement.

Bosh isn't the same caliber of player as these other guys. Don't get me wrong he is a good player, almost a career 20 and 10 guy, but he will never be the best player on a championship team. Never. If Raptors management was smart they would realise this and stop pumping his tires and making him think he is the savior of a team or some sort of new hope.

If I were in charge of the Raptors I would trade him and try and build a new team. Now before you get all up and arms and try and say that Bosh's numbers are rare make sure you take a closer look at the NBA. Here are some players who have comparable numbers to Bosh. Some of them are great players while others will surprise you. The important thing to note is that none of these players will demand the money Bosh will demand in 2010.

Dirk Nowitzki 25.9 and 8.4
Dwight Howard 20.6 and 13.8
Al Jefferson 23.1 and 11.0
Tim Duncan 19.3 and 10.7
Antawn Jamison 22.2 and 8.9
Zach Randolph 20.8 and 10.1
Pau Gasol 18.9 and 10.6
David West 21.0 and 8.5
Amar'e Stoudamire 21.4 and 8.1
Yao Ming 19.7 and 9.9
David Lee 16.0 and 11.7

You're telling me that the Raptors couldn't trade Bosh to the New York Knicks and get David Lee plus a draft pick and another player? The Knicks would be all over that in a heartbeat. Bosh is good but his numbers are attainable by cheaper players. Keep in mind also that he is the primary scorer on the Raptors where as Gasol, West, and Lee are not. These guys still get their points despite not being the primary option.

It also needs to be mentioned that Bosh is the "RuPaul of big men" according to Shaq.

So there it was Baby J. My post attacking Chris Bosh. I called him a bad father, lazy, over rated, and also ugly. Now let's just hope he never sees this or else he might kick my ass.

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