Thursday, July 9, 2009

Given the Pass

Tonight I went to Bopi aka Boston Pizza for dinner with Baby J, no we aren't gay, and before we got into the booth we were talking about Michael Jackson. I was telling him how people on my facebook list were posting all kinds of loser status updates about how great MJ was and how much he meant to them. He then says these words, "nice to know if I ever want to get away with molesting young boys all I have to do is make a hit record."

Vulgar but true. People seem to have completely given MJ the pass for his years of antics and obvious child molestation. Yes it was never proven but if you think he is innocent you are a moron and the Easter Bunny will be along soon to kick you in the groin. The man is guilty and to anyone who says otherwise I have only 1 question: would you let your child spend the night in the same bed as Michael Jackson? Discussion over.

The reason I bring up MJ is because he is simply the latest example of people being given a pass by the public. Now this mostly happens with celebrities but lately has started to become more prevalent with athletes. Examples such as Steve McNair, Manny, Todd Bertuzzi and Bill Belichick come to mind. All of these men broke the rules/law in some way and yet were immediately forgiven as if nothing happened.

Now of the people mentioned Steve Mcnair is a special case. He recently passed away in what police have now confirmed was a murder suicide. His 20 year old girlfriend shot him several times and then killed herself. The reason this is so damaging is because McNair is married with 4 children and yet he was killed by his GIRLFRIEND. Over the span of his career he was a talented player and a charitable man so it remains to be seen how his untimely demise will affect his legacy.

Manny on the other hand has already been given his pass. Earlier this season he was caught using performance enhancing drugs and was suspended for 60 games. The fans response? Show up the next day at Dodger stadium with signs reading "Mannywood" and "We support you." He was all cheered vigorously upon his return from suspension. The man broke the rules and yet was forgiven as if nothing happened. Yet Roger Clemons and Barry Bonds have never been caught cheating and are treated like dogshit by fans everywhere.

This may be because Manny is a love able character while Bonds and Clemons are both huge assholes but it still does not excuse the fact that Manny was forgiven by the fans and supported all the while breaking the rules and smiling about it. People will just keep saying, "that's Manny being Manny."

The Bill Belichick situation is even more mind boggling. He and his New England Patriots were caught filming the NY Jets defensive signals which is against NFL rules. The penalty for the crime was $500,000 and the teams 1st round pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. The penalty from the fans? Praise for being one of the greatest football coaches of all-time. Now some fans started calling him Belicheat but that lasted for about a week or two.

To be fair this is something that I am sure 99% of teams due and it just so happens that the Patriots got caught but that still does not excuse the fact that all was forgiven quickly. No one ever talks about "Spygate" tarnishing the legacy of Belichick. It is something that happened in the past and no longers is mentioned. Was Belichick cheating for all of the Patriots Superbowl wins? Who cares? Not the public. They have decided that rather than ask those questions they will just let the man keep his job and keep earning that praise.

Finally there is Todd Bertuzzi. The man who ended the hockey career of Steve Moore (totally deserved it) and was forgiven pretty much overnight. This happened for two reasons. 1: Steve Moore is a nobody and 2: In the hockey world he got what was coming to him. Bertuzzi was of course suspended but allowed to continue playing and went right on ahead with his career as if nothing happened. Since the incident he has played for the Panthers, Red Wings, Ducks, and Flames and has earned millions of dollars while Steve Moore has been doing nothing important.

After it happened all of the broadcasters and analysts of course said their politically correct statements about this was a dirty shot and it was a criminal act but that was only for a week following the incident. As it stands now the whole thing is just an afterthought as both Moore and Bertuzzi have become irrelevant.

What do all of these men have in common? They are popular in their particular sport or industry. If lets say Sean Desmond was charged with molesting kids but not found guilty and then died a few years later would he be given a pass? Or if Matt Stajan had ended the career of Steve Moore what would have happened?

The pattern clearly seems to be that if you are a popular athlete or celebrity that your poor decisions are quickly forgotten and forgiven. Unless of course you're Michael Vick who will probably never be given a second chance. Makes sense though. He killed dogs and had his life ruined while MJ molested children and is celebrated world wide. Not saying what Vick did was right but did the punishment fit the crime?

Sorry to get off topic there. The point is that these guys all broke the rules, and in some case the law, and yet were forgiven right away. Is it that the public believes that everybody deserves a second chance? Or is it that these men are just too famous to punish? Either way it is becoming more common place to see this sort of thing happen.

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Wych said...

Would I let my kids sleep in the same bed as Michael Jackson? Probably not then and probably not now.
P.S. You forgot Dany "Let's see if I can hit 200" Heatley.

Anonymous said...

Dany was 2 fast and 2 furious