Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tidbits to Hold You Over

Tomorrow I am headed to Carnarvan to enjoy some R & R with a few beers and some sunlight so I won't be writing anything.  Instead of writing one big article to hold over the rabid fans of this blog I have decided to write a bunch of small ones that should peak your interest and hold you over until I get back on Saturday.

Dolphins Go On Treasure Hunt

Today the Miami Dolphins had to stop their practice for almost an hour to look for an earring.  The 2.5 karat diamond earring worth roughly $50,000 belonging to defensive end Kendall Langford was lost during practice and needed to be found.

After spending an hour searching for the diamond, which was not found, practice ended and now Langford is out 50k.  Ihave a few questions out th ole incident:

1)  Why on earth would you wear a $50,000 earring to a football practice?  
2)  Why would Langford not just offer the rounds crew a few hundred bucks to check for him afer practice was over, or before practice stared the next morning?
3)  How does a 3rd round pick have enough money to be buying a 50k earring?
4)  Why did Tony Sparano stop his practice for this nonsense?
5)  Did they check the filter in the dolphin tank?

Chatroulette Scandal

There is a big scandal surrounding Brandon Spikes, a rookie linebacker for the New England Patriots, and the website Chatroulette.  Apparently someone was on Chatroulette and happened upon Spikes and some woman wearing just a bra and watched as the girl performed oral sex on him.  That's not even the best part. The best part is that Spikes never identifies himself in the video and it was only thought to be him because the guy in the video is also a black man covered in tattoos.

Even thought that's a racist way to go about identifying Spikes it turned out to be effective as since the story broke an NFL investigation has begun and Si agent has come out and said in an interview with the Boston Herald, "the embarrassing situation certainly doesn't reflect the kind of person that he is."

I think it says a lot about him.  It says that he likes women, is very self-confident and that he wants to have a great relationship with the fans.

Bolting to Man U

In his autobiography Usain Bolt wrote, "Ideally, if I was to play football, I'd sign for my favorite team -- Manchester United. People say it's not realistic but nobody has seen me play so you never know. If Alex Ferguson saw me in one of those charity matches he might think I could replace Ryan Giggs."  

Bolt isn't the first athlete to talk about switching sports as LeBron James has talked abut laying in the NFL and Terrell Owens expressed and interest in the NBA.  I mean James Toney is the best two sport athlete on the planet but Bolt could give him a run for his money.  At the very least it would be a good publicity move for a team to let Bolt tryout plus he might turn out to be real good so whats the harm.

Bolt has trained with an number of top clubs including Man U, Barcelona and Bayern Munich and there was a feature in the French newspaper L'equip on his skills so maybe he does have a shot playing professional soccer somewhere.

Maybe he could be a winger and just sprint down the flanks and thrown in crosses all game.  He would have 0 problem getting by anyone in the Premiership, with the possible exception of Theo Walcott or Aaron Lennon.  I think its worth a shot and with the way Man U spends money (the team recently spent & million pounds on a player that manager Sir Alex Ferguson had never seen play)  why not?

Little MJ in Big Trouble

Marcus Jordan, the son of his Royal Airness Michael Jordan, is getting a lot of heat in the media right now for some comments he posted on his Twitter feed over the weekend.  Here is the twee: ""Last night was stupid... 35K at Haze.  Totals 50K something the whole day."

OK so whats the big deal the guy spent 50k in Vegas, 35k of which was dropped at a strip club, like father like son.  Problem is Marcus Jordan is only 19 and is a sophomore at the University of Central Florida.  So how was he drinking and gambling in Vegas when the drinking age is 21?  Also how does a 19 year old have $35,000 to spend at a strip club?  Were the lapdances $2500 a song?

The whole reason Marcus was in Vegas was to attend his dads basketball camp.  Now people are critisizing not only Marcus but his father as well and knowing MJ he is royally pissed, not about what Marcus did, but about being second guessed as a parent.  MJ doesn't like people giving him a hard time on the basketball court imagine how he will react to this.

Since the story broke the tweet has been removed and Marcus has made a public statement saying, ""I didn't mean it the way it came across.  My family and friends know the type of person I am."

Now the MGM Grand is under investigation for allowing minors to drink and gamble and if you've seen Casino you know that if you mess with those guys money you wind up in a shallow grave in a cornfield getting bludgeoned to death by metal baseball bats. 

Mets Pitchers Looks to Supplement Income

Mets knuckelballer RA Dickey is looking to supplement his income by following in the steps of Cosmo Kramer and becoming a "ball man" at the US Open.  In an interview after a recent win Dickey told reporters about his ambitions, "I think it would be really cool.  I’m really serious. Do you think I can do it?” 

According to the New York Times, he can.  Just not this year because he already missed the sign up period and the tournament has already begun but maybe next year.  Plus the Mets are on the road right now and although they have a 0% chance of making the playoffs they still need Dickey to pitch.
The NY Times spoke to Tina Tapps who is the USTA's director for ball boys and girls (what an easy job that must be) and she seemed really excited about Dckey being a ball boy, "That would be really exciting.  It’s obviously too late for this year, but if he’s really willing to go through the process, we would love to have him. I think he would be great at it.” 

My favorite part of this story was Dickey's reaction to a reporter who told Dickey he would have to pass certain tests like a running test, catching test and a throwing test.  Dickey's response was, "I think I can handle that. I’m a professional athlete.” 

Dickey is up for arbitration after this year so if the Mets aren't willing to cough up the cash he might have to move on to greener pastures and start raking in all of that F you ball boy money.

Roy Halladay Pisses Class

Roy Halladay is a great guy.  That is a fact.  Everyone knows this.  Here is some proof of how great a guy he is.  He recently gave every member of the Philadelphia Phillies (including ball boys, trainers and medical staff) a Swiss Baume and Mcier watch.  Halladay handed them out himself. Each watched was engraved with the date of the game and each players name and number. 

I understand that the Jays are a team that is rebuilding and Halladay wanted a lot of money but I would give this guy whatever he wants to pitch for my baseball team.  He is a massive beauty both on and off the field and one of the coolest athletes in sports.

...and because I am gone for 2 days here are 2 YouTube videos.  One is an amazing song by an amazing Canadian band and the other is hilarious:

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