Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bosh Bashing

If you have been watching the NBA playoffs then you have no doubt seen the San Antonio Spurs Manu Ginobli running up and down the court with a giant maxi pad on his face. He is wearing that ridiculous "bandage" because of an injury he suffered when he took an elbow from Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki in Game 3 of their first round match up.

Ginobli suffered a nasal fracture but refused to miss a single game and is currently leading the Spurs in scoring averaging 20 ppg while also adding 5 apg and 4 rpg. Basically he is proving that he is not only a skilled player but also a tough competitor.

I used to loathe Manu Ginobli and would root for him to fail whenever he touched the ball but his great play despite the injury is making a Ginobli fan out of me. It is also making me hate Chris Bosh even more.

The injury Ginobli suffered is the exact same injury Bosh suffered at the end of the regular season. However instead of sacking up and playing, like Ginobli has, Bosh opted to sit out the final games of the season and watched from the bench as his the Raptors lost out on the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

Now granted Ginobli and Bosh are in different situations - Ginobli's team is in the playoffs and has a legitimate chance to challenge for a title where as Bosh's team wasn't guaranteed a playoff spot and no doubt would have been swept by the Cavs whether he was playing or not - but there is no excuse for Bosh to do what he did.

But I have already ranted about how Bosh is an overrated player and isn't worthy of the max contract he will be seeking this off-season when he opts for free agency. There is new information to use in my campaign of smearing the Ru Paul of Big Men.

"Been wanting to ask. Where should I go next season and why?" This is a "tweet" from Bosh from a few days ago. How do people like this guy? Is what he is doing not just as bad as what Vince Carter did only a few years ago?

Carter played up injuries and basically tanked his value making it impossible for the Raptors to get fair market value for him (thus the ultimate Poo Poo Platter was acquired in the form of Alonzo Mourning, Eric Williams and Aaron Williams). Bosh has made it so clear that he will opt for free agency that any team that was considering trading for him can now just wait until July 1st and sign him without having to give up anything at all.

Speaking of Carter his career and Bosh's career are eerily similar. Carter is an 8x All Star while Bosh is a 5x All Star. Both made the All Rookie First Team and both have made the All NBA Second Team. Both men have represented the USA at the Olympics and both won gold. Carter is a former 5th overall pick from an ACC school while Bosh is a former 4th overall pick from an ACC school. Both are wildly overrated and only gained elite status because they were the primary option on teams that sucked offensively. They both received Eastern Conference Player of the Week honors 7 times and they are #1 and #2 all time on the Raptors scoring list.

Creepy isn't it?

Back to the tweet. Is that not one of the most classless moves ever? Bosh is still a Raptor and should show the Raptors fans a little more loyalty than that. Every time a reporter asked him if he was going to come back or not during the year he would shrug them off and say that he was going to wait until the summer to decide. Now he just comes out and basically says "I am leaving. People of the internet help me decide where to go."

I don't have a problem with Bosh going. If he wants to leave to play for a team with a better chance at winning then he should. The problem I have with Bosh is the way he has handled the situation. Be a man about the whole thing and be straight with the fans. If he came out and said, "I want to play with LeBron. Wherever LeBron goes I will follow because he gives me the best chance to win a championship" then I wouldn't have a problem. That is a legitimate reason for leaving the team.

But Bosh refuses to be honest and open with the fans and has instead opted to deal with the situation via his Twitter account.

May he go on and have all the same success as Vince Carter has had since leaving the Raptors.

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