Monday, April 12, 2010

More Like Chris Bitch

Chris Bosh is a bitch. There I said it.

On April 6th he got elbowed in the face 2 minutes into a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers by Antawn Jamison and did not return. He suffered a fractured nasal bone and it was unknown how long he would be out for.

I figured he would miss 1 maybe 2 games at most and would be back in time for the most important game of the Raptors season which was Sunday night against the Bulls. Needless to say I was wrong. Bosh has not returned to action and doesn't plan on playing until the playoffs starts, that is if the Raptors even make the playoffs.

But I forgot to take into account that Chris Bosh is softer than Cottonelle. Put a mask on and play basketball. You are the franchise player on a team that is fighting for a playoff spot and you're going to sit out the last 5 games of the season because you have a broken nose? Soft.

This is why I hate Chris Bosh. He demands a max contract and wants to be treated like a superstar but when it comes down to it he is just a good player on a bad team. He has no heart and folds when it counts. If he wanted to prove to everyone in Toronto, or potential suitors in the free agent market, he is indispensable and worthy of a max contract he would sack up and play out the season.

People always defend by pointing out his stats. Yes he averages a 24 and 10 but he is the primary scoring option on an awful team. The whole offensive system revolves around Bosh getting the ball. David Lee, Pau Gasol, Zach Randolph and Carlos Boozer all average at least a 20 and 10 and do it as secondary scoring options. None of those guys are "franchise players" and none of them deserve a max contract. So why does Bosh?

The correct answer is that he doesn't. His value is inflated by the Toronto media and Raptors fans. They see him get voted in a couple all-star games and all of a sudden he is this cornerstone player that the team should be built around. If he played for almost any other team his numbers would drop and he would be an afterthought to most fans.

One of my favorite sports quotes is from Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke. In his introductory press conference Burke was asked about Jason Blake and whether he would remain on the team due to his recent success. To this question Burke responded, "every team has a leading scorer." This was basically Burke's way of saying Blake is awful and only did well because the rest of the team was worse than he was.

The same sentiment holds true for Bosh and the Raptors. Bosh thrives because everyone does their best to feed him the ball and create for him. Now I will concede a lot of his points come from his mid-range game, which is excellent, and his ability to get to the line but when his team is down the ball is always in his hands and he always leads the team in field goals.

As for his rebounding stats well they are a joke. He should get at least 16-20 rebounds a night considering no one else on his team can rebound worth a damn. Andrea Bargnani only gets rebounds when they fall right in his hands and everyone else on the team is too busy running up the floor to get a board. Bosh is the only Raptor who attempts to rebound and thus winds up with 10 a game.

Maybe I am being too hard on Bosh. Maybe the injury to his face is worse than is being reported but I feel like if this happened to Kobe, LeBron, Wade or Melo they would need to be physically restrained in order to miss these games. Those guys care about the game and would do anything to win, Bosh doesn't give me that impression.

LeBron is currently sitting out the last few games of the Cavs season and you can tell he is dying inside. The camera constantly shows him wincing when his team misses and getting pumped when they score. He is the most emotionally invested person in the arena and he is wearing a $6,000 suit and sitting on the sidelines.

Bosh on the other hand is back home "recovering." Not only is his face too sore to play but it is apparently so sore he can't even come to the arena and sit court side with his teammates for emotional support. Yet this is the guy that Raptors fans wanna build the team around.

I have never been a big Bosh supporter and this latest incident has just given me more reason to despise Earl Sinclair aka Chris Bosh. Not only is he the Ru Paul of Big Men but he is also a gutless whiner who leaves people hanging and can't commit to anything. It seems he has no interest in being a Raptor and supporting this team so I have no interest in supporting him.

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